Non Surgical Hair Replacement

in Dublin

Hair Vision is an opportunity to change your appearance

With non-surgical hair replacement solutions that are both cutting edge and natural. An affordable and suitable solution for every person and every lifestyle. Our solution is high-quality hair systems (hairpieces) made with 100% real human hair.

The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially balding areas of your head. Giving you a full head of hair.

It will bring your youth and confidence back.

Why Choose Us?

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High Grade Hair

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Ultra Realistic Look

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Undetectable Hairline

Agnes's message

About Us

Hair Vision was founded by Agnes Meldere.

“I was born in Latvia and relocated to Ireland in 2007 to explore new opportunities. I was very lucky that my first job proposal lead me to non-surgical hair replacement studio. I fell in love with my job straight away, as it involved hairdressing, creation and most importantly helping people to look and feel great. It is amazing how hair systems can change your life.

I always say this to my clients: My childhood dream was to become a famous clothes designer, well now I’m a hair designer (dare I say).

Eventually, I decided to put my experience, knowledge and ideas into practice: In 2013 I opened my own studio.

Why us? – Because I Love what I Do !"

Agnes xx

How It Works

Our product is a bespoke high quality hair systems (hair pieces) made with 100% human hair.

The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially balding area of your head. Balding area might be shaved if needed and hair system will be applied to your scalp using a certified adhesive. It will remain on your head for 2-4 weeks.

The hair system itself can last up to 6 months, in some cases even more.

Non surgical hair replacement


“Agnes has been doing my hair for a while now. For years I was going around miserable and lacking confidence after losing my hair to alopecia. After my first meeting with Agnes I knew I had made the right decision to go for hair replacement. From the very first meeting she made me feel relaxed and comfortable and confident. Every time I have an appointment I walk out feeling full of confidence and like the 19 year old girl I was when I lost my hair. I owe a lot to Agnes and would highly recommend her to anyone. She is very understanding and goes above and beyond to make sure I'm happy and comfortable with hair at very appointment.”

“I’m system wearer for last three years. Even though HairVision wasn’t my first choice when I first started wearing, (other companies aims are marketing and profit so it was easier to come across) I’m so happy I finally found a place where I get highest quality service for the reasonable price. Agnes is not only expert who is devoted to what she does, but also a friendly and communicative person, very informative and always ready to help. Place looks beautiful, spacious with lot of light, relaxing music in background, and the location is perfect because it’s in the suburb so one doesn’t have to worry about discretion. I feel bit bad now that I didn’t write review much sooner, I am her client for more than a year, I guess I wanted to make sure about her consistency, but she never failed me, as a matter of fact, she always surprise me with some new ideas and tips. After all, this is all about creativity and vision. I finally enjoy wearing systems. Thank you so much Agnes!”

“Wonderful experience. Felt so satisfied and happy. Agnes is the best.”

“I highly recommend Hairvision, one of Irelands leading Hair system specialists!! My hair system has taken years off me, at 46 to be sitting out in glorious Dublin sun feeling young and confident is just amazing. Thanks Agnes, thanks for changing my life!”

“Beautiful place, talking to people and informing them would probably be the best part. High quality professional stylists will leave smile on your face. Recommend to everyone!”